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Slate-Lite is a worldwide known and valued brand. Slate-Lite has been active in the market since 2002 and is meanwhile located in more than 35 countries all over the world.

We stand for high quality customer service, high quality products and fast delivery times. We are open to our customers’ needs and do our best to provide the best solutions every day. Our Research & Development department is based in Germany and permanently searches for new products, better solutions and consistency of everything we offer to you as our customers.

Our aim is to satisfy all your needs, because our company sees it's customers as the biggest value a company can have.

So whenever you need help, just let us know!

80s Gernot Ehrlich starts producing tabletops made of slate in South Africa and sells them all over the world. His interest in slate grows. By accident a new material was invented - Slate-Lite.
90s Gernot decides to set up a production for slate table fountains in the United States. The material Slate-Lite was used the first time for some certain models.

R&D GmbH is founded in Germany by Gernot Ehrlich. The company philosophy is to improve and sell Slate-Lite all over the world.

2004 R&D GmbH already has distributors in more than 10 different countries all over the world.
2010 EcoStone, an even thinner and more flexible version of Slate-Lite material, has been developed.
2012 Marius Ehrlich, Gernot’s son, and Jan Hofmann carry on as CEO’s of R&D GmbH.
2013 R&D GmbH has distributors in over 30 countries and the number keeps on growing. Slate-Lite has become a brand which is known as high quality all over the world.

Abrasion Classes

The stones "Falling Leaves" and "Argento" have both reached PEI II (see table below). Together both stones represent the products made of Myca and Slate.


Abrasion resistance is the capacity of the glazed surface to resist the wear caused by foot traffic or the abrasion caused by mechanical equipment like lift trucks, etc. The wear action is strictly linked to the mechanical agent (rubber sole, leather sol, etc.), the material carried on to the surface (water, sand, mud, etc.) and classified in five categories depending on the areas they are used in: 

PEI I Tiles for areas with light traffic and without abrasive dirt, e.g. bathrooms, bedrooms
PEI II Tiles for areas with average traffic and medium to low abrasion, e.g. studiyng rooms, living rooms
PEI III Tiles for areas with medium to high traffic and average abrasion, e.g. foyer, kitchen in private residences
PEI IV Tiles for areas with intense traffic, e.g. restaurants, offices, shops, public offices (exluding floors under cash desks and shop counters and narrow unavoidable passageways)

Tiles for areas with especially intense traffic.

Origin of Slate-Lite

Slate-Lite is an extra thin material consisting of a stabilizing backing and a top layer of natural stone. To manufacture the Slate-Lite only the most impressive and outstanding blocks of slates & mycas are used. The maximum sizes of the blocks are 3m in length, 1,5m width and hight of 0,7m. A single block may have a weight up to 5 tons.

Our unique processing technique enables us to gain up to 300 sheets of Slate-Lite out of a 5cm thick block of natural stone. This procedure is not only effective, it gives us a chance to save resources, so that we take our part in a more eco-friendly world. Additional, due to the light weight of Slate-Lite, which is approx. 1,5kg per m², a lot of energy used for transportation can be saved. All ingredients used in our products are free of any harmful substances.

That's why we take pride in the words:

We offer a green and eco-friendly product!

This eco-friendly orientation takes place in each step from the natural stone block to your final project. Choosing the right blocks, preparing the blocks for the manufacturing process, applying the backing the right way, doing the quality control and sorting the material so it is ready for transportation to places all over the world is the long way our product has to travel and we want to make sure to produce the highest quality possible, by taking care of our environment.

How to process the product

The second to none advantage of Slate-Lite is the easy way to apply it. Practically everybody is able to process Slate-Lite and get convincing results by following some easy steps.

To gain the best results it is important to check the color of the received sheets at the beginning, so you can combine them in the best way to receive a beautiful pattern.

Keep in mind that the surface you are processing is a real and natural stone what involves to protect the surface. To do this we offer two different kinds of products: "Slate-Lite Impregnator" for low usages and the "Special Protection" for heavy use. You only need to follow the instructions of these products to have the best protection. How to cut Slate-Lite & Translucent:
To cut our Slate-Lite and Translucent products you need nothing but a sharp saw or other regular tools to cut wood or stone.

How to cut EcoStone:

To process our EcoStone products the only thing you need is a carpet knife.

How to apply Slate-Lite & Translucent:

The way of applying material depends on your project. For Translucent products we recommend MS Clear, which you trowel with a spatula. To reach the best results please make sure to avoid bubbles etc. between the surface and the product. You can apply it on glass, plexi or almost any other transparent material.
For Slate-Lite products we recommend Soudal HT, Soudal 240FC (grey & black), Fix All Floor & Wall (White). The best result will be achieved if you make a full surface application of the glue. If glue accidentally gets on the sheet, don't worry, you can simply remove it with the Special Cleaner.

How to apply EcoStone:

For EcoStone we offer you the EasyGlue, which is a contact spray glue. Depending on your project you can also use wood adhesive or any other contact glue.

Fugues can be filled with any natural stone grout.
For edging you can put the sheets tile on tile or use one of our edging systems.

Most important: Have fun with your project.  The result will convince you.


Service is a big expression, but what does it really mean. We want to give you our idea of service.
First of all personal contact is very important to to us. We think that this online shop doesn't replace the personal contact. So please feel free to give us a call or an email so we can provide all information you need within 24 hours!
Delivery time: We ship your goods as soon as possible in safe packages with UPS. When your order has left the stock, you will get an information with a tracking number from UPS, so you are always up to date and in the know of where your goods are.
We provide all information online at any time so that you can reach a perfect solution with our Slate-Lite products. We provide movies, short descriptions, data sheets and detailed explanation for every singel step during your project. Furthermore, we offer the full range of products you need to succeed on your project.
If you can't find the help or service you need, please let us know, so we can improve our service offers for all customers.


We want you to reach the result you expected by offering our products. If you want to have certain color variation, or run out of sheets for your product, let us know and we will be there to solve your problem.
E.g. if you are missing material for your project, just send us a high resolution picture of the material and we will try to match with slates available on stock.
Additional, if you want to make sure to get exactly what you are looking for, for an extra 10€  processing fee we send you pictures of 2 different materials to give you a choice.

Our Discounts

If you plan a bigger project and you need a huge amount of material, we offer you a discount on your purchase:
from 1.000 € to 3.000€ 5%
from 3.001 € to 5.000 € 10%
and from 5.001 €

15 %