Translucent Falling Leaves 122x61cm
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Translucent Falling Leaves 122x61cm

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  • Color: creme
  • Size: 122x61 cm

Slate size 1220mm x 610mm Colorful bright surface with a base color beige and variations of yellow and pink.


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Translucent consists of a layer of natural slate with 0,1 – 1,4 mm and a backing made of translucent polyester with glass fiber for strength and dimensional stability.

Slate is an absolute timeless natural product, which evolved over millions of years in the earth's crust. Slate is a natural product; form and color variation is possible and invariably makes every square meter to a unique design. We are always striving for little color variation in lots and structurally similar sheet decor. For large areas you should contact us if a specific color and structure is required.

It is very important to check the color of the delivery at the beginning. This gives you the possibility to have the nicest patterns for your project.

You always have to remember, that the surface is real stone, so it necessary to protect the surface. To do this we offer you two different kinds of products: Slate-Lite impregnator for low usage and the Special Protection for heavy use. Just follow the instruction of the product to have the best protection.

To cut Translucent you only need a sharp saw or other regular tools to cut wood or stone.

To glue the material, it always depends on what you want to do. For Translucent we recommend MS Clear, which has to be applied with even spatula. Be careful and avoid bubbles etc. between the surface and the Translucent. It can be applied on glass, acrylic or almost any other transparent material.

For edging you can put the sheets tile on tile or use one of our edging systems we are offering.

Additional Data
Area 0,7442 m²
Color creme
Producttype slate
Size 122x61 cm
Variation in pattern strong variation