UltraThin eco+ Terra Rosso 24in x 48in

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Product information "UltraThin eco+ Terra Rosso 24in x 48in"

Decor: Terra Rosso // Type: Slate

UltraThin eco+ is the most flexible stone veneer in our range. A 3D flexibility is achieved through a cottonmesh based backing material. Still UltraThin eco+ has a 100% natural stone surface!
Through it's low CO2 emition transport because of its' light weight and minimal use of stone on the surface,t UltraThin eco+ is especially ecologically friendly.

The natural fiber matt on the back of UltraThin eco+ allows for simple processing and opens further possibilities for the Interior, in furniture manufacturing or creative areas.
With UltraThin eco+ even complex forms and designs can be mastered without a hastle!

The processing is a very unique factor about UltraThin eco+ : dispite the natural stone surface UltraThin eco+ can be cut with a scissors or carpetknife!

The slate decors from Slate-Lite impress with a rather smooth surface with different and constantly changing patterns and structures.
Terra Rosso is a reddish decor with structures in the red and pink spectrum.

Our standard size 4ft x 2ftis particularly easy and convenient to install, even for individual fabricators. Whether vertically or horizontally installed: lively laying patterns are guaranteed thanks to the natural real stone surface.

You can also use our optional photo matching service: Thanks to photo matching, you receive pictures of the currently available batches of material after your order and can therefore choose your personal favorite before delivery!
Thus, despite the 100% natural stone surface with its unique and changing structures of every sheet, you have full control over the look of the stone veneers you receive.

Keyfacts for UltraThin eco+:

  • 100% natural stone surface
  • Total thickness: less than 1 mm
  • Weight: approx. 0,8 kg / m²
  • Backing: Cottonbase
  • Size tollerance: 1-2 mm
  • Maximumtemperature: 60°C (shortterm 80°C)
  • Bendable Radius: 3D formable
  • Application areas: Interior Walls, Furnituremanufacturing, Handicrafts, and fassion.

All information about UltraThin eco+ can be found in the corresponding < Datasheet.
Also use our Instructions for processing.

Please make sure to protect your real stone veneers with suitable impregnators or sealers. Of course we offer you all suitable products for processing, protecting and maintaining your real stone veneers here in our shop.

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